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2019 Elks Rodeo

Our 2019 Parade Entry

Although we did not win any prizes this year we had a float that demonstrated a simple message of hope.

As we brainstormed ideas for this year's theme the only clear idea that came up was HOPE. But what does hope look like? As we struggled through how to portray hope in a simple, creative way anchors became a recurring idea. In the end we were pleased with our simple design that clearly stated that it is in Christ we find our Hope.

There were lots of volunteers who helped with decorating, handing out freezies and riding with smiling faces. Although we did not have enough people available to have a live band on the float, we were able to fill up with kids and play some music off a playlist. Thank you to everyone who participated!

2nd Annual Rodeo Breakfast

We had nearly a double turnout from last year!

As we prepared for our breakfast this year we decided to aim high though last year we'd only gotten a little over 100 people. As the rodeo days approached we heard word of another breakfast being held at the rodeo grounds. Trusting God to be faithful we pushed on. This year was a great success with over 200 people. God's love never fails.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make breakfast possible! We continue to hear positive feedback and we look forward to what God has in store for next year!

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