Safe Care

      Safe Care Missions is run by Wayne and Claire Wagner who were originally a part of the Victory family in McLennan, AB.  Claire was given a vision to provide safe, free daycare for the working poor in Mexico. 

      They started out with a small house in Ensenada, MX where they lived and ran a small orphanage.  Claire liked to call the orphanage a restoration home as most of the kids' parents were alive but unable to keep their children for various reasons.  Their goal was to care for the children while maintaining a healthy relationship with the parents until they were able to take their kids home once again.  They also had a small house in Maneadero, just outside Ensenada, where they started their free daycare.  A van would pick up the kids in the morning, their clothes were washed, and meals were provided before the van would deliver the kids back home before supper.  

      Over the years God has blessed the Wagner's ministry and it continues to grow.  They now have permanent staff and a piece of land with a large daycare building, orphanage and the Wagner's home.  There is always growth and construction, the most recent being the addition of staff housing.  

      The High Prairie Victory Life family continues to support the Wagners in their ministry.  All contributions are welcome and the Wagners are grateful for any people or teams who wish to travel down to serve!  You can see updates and pictures on the Safe

Care Facebook page under the name Guarderia Dios Provehera.

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Children's Feeding Program

Children don't always have to opportunity to sow.  Our Children's feeding program encourages people to donate their change to the children for the purpose of sowing.  The money raised from our feeding program is donated to both local ministries, as well as ministries abroad.  Each Sunday there is an enthusiastic rush of smiling faces as the kids go through the congregation to collect the change and deposit it in the feeding can.  As of January 2020 the children continue to raise funds.  We were able to send $1000.00 to the two elementary schools for their feeding programs a second year in a row.  Another $2900.00 was sent to Safe Care Missions in 2019.  

Although we no longer have the children collect change during service due to Covid, we continue to collect funds to supports our programs.  Cash and change can be deposited upon entry to our Sunday service and e-transfers can be sent with a note to assign funds.  Through Covid we were able to support Safe Care Missions with over $3000 in 2020.

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Victory Baja House

The Victory Baja House is a mission base in Ensenada, Mexico.  The house is on a hill overlooking the city and provides lodging for missions groups who wish to travel to the area.  There is a beautiful garden and a full kitchen for groups to use.  The house provides a central home for multiple ministry opportunities such as orphanage and daycare, men's rehab, park ministry, migrant worker camps and feeding programs.