Pastoral Team


Pastoral Team Lead

Luc & Lorraine Portelance

Ps Luc and Lorraine Portelance, originally from McLennan, began pastoring in High Prairie in 2012.  Ps Luc has been a pastor for over 20 years and shares the word with passion, making the word relatable through the sharing of personal experiences.  Ps Lorraine is a powerful worshipper who enjoys leading the congregation.  She has recently stepped back in her role as worship leader to allow more time and freedom to explore teaching God's word.  

Kerry Gordey

Kerry and Melody Gordey are long time residents of High Prairie.  Kerry is an energetic guy with a heart for people.  His heart is evident in his ministry leading Children's Church Sunday mornings. Kerry also finds joy in sharing testimonies of God's work to uplift and encourage others.  


Charles & Anne Anderson

Charles and Anne Anderson moved to the High Prairie area from Gift Lake twenty years ago. They got to know Pastors Luc and Lorraine when they were pastoring the Victory Church in McLennan and were happy when they moved to pastor the High Prairie Church.  After serving in different capacities, they have been brought on as Administrative Pastors. Their desire is to help bring people into closer relationship with God through developing relationships within the church using the gifts that God has given them.

Phil & Karen Lutton

Phil & Karen have lived in Grande Prairie for the past 15 years where Phil attended and taught courses at the bible school.  Karen, being a business administrator and bookkeeper, has also worked for the Victory Church in Grande Prairie for the last 5 years.  Together they are passionate about helping people and bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to the High Prairie Victory Life Church.  They are excited to become a part of God's work in our area!


The 10 Tenants of VCI

1. God is the Author of Victory Churches.

2. God is the source of all our needs - financial, spiritual, physical, relational, or otherwise.

3. We have a lifetime commitment to our vision.

4. We purpose to be continually renewed in our vision and our mind.

5. People are the focus of our ministry, not programs.

6. We believe every problem can get solved.

7. Teamwork and agreement is the place of power.

8. We seek to lead through relationship rather than position

9. We are committed to increase, as opposed to maintenance

10. We hold the Word of God to be true and every contrary circumstance subject to change.

Our Mission Statement

Evangelism (Reach)

To reach every available person at every available time by every available means with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship (Teach)

To establish them in the local church, teaching and training them to become like Christ.


Mobilization (Mobilize)

To mobilize the army of God, to help each person to find his or her place and function in the Body of Christ.

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