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2019 BBQ & Baptism

Updated: Jul 17, 2019


There was a great turnout from High Prairie at this event hosted by Richard & Reene Beaudoin of the McLennan Victory Family.

Everyone who came out enjoyed a time of food and fellowship at the Beaudoin farm. About a dozen people from High Prairie made it out despite the threatening storm. Many prayers went up in hopes that the storm wouldn't hinder the baptisms. God's faithfulness always prevails and not a drop of water fell on the event.


Four people were baptized including three young people from McLennan and one man from High Prairie.

There is a beautiful man-made lake on the Beaudoin farm where the baptisms took place. Everyone collected on the sandy beach and listened while each of the four shared a little about their testimony. Each baptism was followed by a time of prayer for the individuals.

Following the baptisms it was a free for all in the water with floaties, kayaks, a canoe, water guns and sand castles. Everyone had a blast as we celebrated those who made that next step in their walk with God.

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