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Mortgage Celebration

Potluck Party

Every celebration has to have food!

On September 8, 2019 we celebrated our mortgage being paid off! We purchased our building in July 2013 and made our final payment in August 2019. That is an achievement worth celebrating!

There were many people at the celebration from both High Prairie and McLennan churches that have played a part in reaching this point. We fellowshipped over a potluck meal before enjoying a ceremony MC'd by Pastor Luc.

Mortgage Burning

Pictures, Stories, Music and Laughter

As the ceremony began we heard about our church history, the transformation of our building and enjoyed pictures and stories from several members. (You can see the picture slideshow on YouTube here before lighting the fire. Following the burning people continued to visit with dessert served.

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this night celebratory and for every faithful servant who gave of their time, money and hearts to get our church to where it is today.

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