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Church Events 2018

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

A summary of the community and church events we participated in and hosted in 2018.

Elks' Rodeo Parade

Our Float won second place in this year's parade with it's simple and vibrant design that focused on our love for our community

There were many volunteers who helped make our pancake breakfast and float a success. Despite minimal advertising there were quite a few people who came out for breakfast. After breakfast our float was filled with smiling faces as a team sang songs and volunteers handed out candy. We hope to make this an annual event.

Potluck & Breakfast

A great time to fellowship with family and friends.

The church did a pre-service breakfast, open to the public, for majority of the year. Moving forward we have connection spot to be held after service.

2018 Annual Gun Show

Being a positive support to our community

Pastor Paul Militsala brought his DTS team the weekend of the High Prairie Gun Show. The group goes around to communities to volunteer and be Gods hands and feet. This year, along with some volunteers from HPVLC, they played a huge role in setting up the gun show. Everyone wore the orange HPVLC shirts to identify themselves with the church. It was a huge success and we hope to continue to be a positive support in the community.

Volunteer Appreciation

A time to honour all the people who help run the Church

Pastor Luc & Lorraine organized an event where all the volunteers were honoured for their service and support. It was a great night with food, games and fellowship. Pastor Lorraine even wrote a song about all the volunteers, which she sang for everyone after dinner. Although it was a time for volunteers to relax and be served, instead of serving, everyone pitched in for a quick clean up. Everyone left feeling blessed and refreshed.

Christmas Parade

Declaring Christ in the Community

Volunteers really pulled together to make a beautiful Christmas float, using the summer float and replacing some of the decor. Although there were many different ideas that were drawn on it came together in the end. Our float was very dynamic and declared Christ's name in the Christmas Season!

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